If you’ve ever wondered what the importance of a good roof is to your home, Triton Exteriors in Buffalo, MN has a few comments to share on the topic.

The info comes from an industry expert: Triton Exteriors is a full-service general contractor with over 20 years of proven expertise in all areas of roofing services. Company Owner Bill Cranston and his team are fully committed to excellence, and proudly acknowledge an ability to fulfill roofing solutions for every client.

As with the foundation of your house, the roof is fundamental to the integrity of your home’s structure.

A high-quality roof offers assurances that a low-quality roof won’t provide. Weather is the principal challenge as far as roofs go, and our climate has become increasingly intense in many parts of the country. High winds, heavy rain, hail storms, and heavy snowfall all take their toll. A lesser-quality roof may not stand up to the rigors of your regional weather.

It’s essential that a roof keep out all water and moisture. Your roof won’t serve its function sufficiently well if it can’t do that. Part of the problem regarding moisture is that you may not know if your current, older roof is leaking – and that’s a problem. Any amount of moisture can result in damage to the roof’s rafters and structural support, as well as to other areas of your property, which could include mold growth and other complications.

Energy-efficiency of a good quality roof is another important attribute. Estimates run as high as 50 per cent for energy loss due to inefficient roofs. This can apply as much to the loss of cool air in hot summers as it does to heat loss in winter. Think of that in terms of money out the window. It’s an unnecessary loss. Fortunately, solutions do exist to improve your roof’s energy efficiency.

What about beauty? Beauty is a substantial benefit for a good, functional roof and for your property. If you’re considering having a new roof installed, it might as well add beauty to your property. Such visual appeal can go a long way. Beauty equates to greater curb appeal, which translates to higher property value.

A few words on the topic of quality: Quality is generally a feature that comes through the expertise of a reputable contractor and/or supplier. One such top-tier roofing expert is Triton Exteriors.

Triton Exteriors, provides all requirements for roofs, including inspection, consultation, maintenance, repairs, installation, and even energy-savings. If you’re looking for help with your roof, we are the people to call.

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After a storm occurs you might be tempted to put a roof inspection on the back burner, this would be a mistake. There is more then one reason to treat it with more urgency. Besides the damage it can do to the framing of your house, it also compromises insulation and promotes black mold growth. It even creates the potential for personal injury.

When water seeps through the roof, it may drip straight onto the attic floor, but it just as often runs along the underside of the roof decking to a wall and then down along the framing. Over time, the wet wood develops rot and loses its strength; the roof sags, the wall bows and even the foundation may become waterlogged and spongy. Even a minor leak can create these problems, although it may take a few months for them to become noticeable. By the time they are apparent, however, the repair is likely to be expensive.

Black Mold In Attic From Roof Leak

Why a good roof is so important

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